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Changing careers? Here’s some advice…

New career direction – hope for job hunters and career changers

Most of us want to have a great job – we’re wired that way. And most employers want great employees – it makes good sense.

We are looking for that particular situation where we can be happy, productive, even fulfilled and get well paid i.e. not just any old job. Likewise, employers don’t want just any old person to fill a vacancy, they are looking for particular skills, knowledge, ...

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Not happy at work? Some useful questions…

Here – you can take a quick snapshot of your job or career situation. 

Think about the last year or some other time frame and score each statement out of 10.  Follow your gut reaction or your first thought.  10 = a strong yes, 0 = a definite no.

  • I get a sense of achievement from my work
  • At work I am using my talents, gifts or strengths
  • The subject matter of my work is interesting to me
  • At work my abilities and contributions are ...
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