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Flexible careers advice services

There are seven services available. You can choose one or several, start anywhere, and stop whenever you feel equipped. It all depends on what’s relevant to your needs, and what stage you’re at on your journey.

  • Knowing your strengths
  • Finding career direction
  • Writing CVs and applications
  • Using job-hunt strategies
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Negotiating job offers
  • Starting your own business

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Knowing your strengths

During this part we uncover what really satisfies you at work, and what you’ve got to offer today’s marketplace. We identify your talents and transferable skills, and clarify which subjects or fields interest you most. You’ll develop a picture of your ideal work environment and establish what genuinely motivates you, as well as noting what to avoid in the future. These are just some of the areas for discovery. Getting to know yourself in this way is a powerful springboard and is central to finding the right job and having a great career. It is an enlightening process to go through.

You started drawing out patterns I had been blind to…I was amazed at what you pulled out…it was about me opening up and you listening, intelligently taking out the relevant bits, distilling important facts, joining the dots…I love my new work…it ticks every single box.– Project Manager


Finding career direction

Here, if you know yourself well, we can make informed decisions about what you could or should do next. We explore your options, you research them and then we narrow down your ideas to those which really excite you. People have found entirely new jobs, now work in different organisations, have moved to other industries, are re-training, have started new businesses or now do something completely different. The moment you decide on your direction, you’ll experience a new energy and focus. It’s a real turning point for many clients.

A lot of people don’t think you can make a career out of your hobby…but you said ‘yes you can, let’s test it out and work towards it’…I’m now an Off Road 4x4 Instructor and Demonstrator…the work is stimulating, it’s 100% what I enjoy, it’s my passion.– Off Road Vehicle Instructor


Writing CVs and applications

You need good materials, if you’re to compete and market yourself well. At this stage we produce an effective CV that’s tailored to your next role, or several different CVs for different roles. If relevant, we navigate and complete job application forms, and write speculative or cover letters. You might also want help with a presentation or a portfolio of evidence. When you hold a CV or application form in your hand, that is strong, truthful and still definitely you – it’s powerful. It opens doors and gets interviews.

My CV now is better structured…it flows, it’s easier to follow, and it’s more concise and more relevant…tailored to the reader and what they were looking for…I’m now with one of the top three UK telecoms companies…this is a very good place for me to be and there’s a definite career path.– Strategic Bid Manager


Using job-hunt strategies

Today there are many different ways of searching for jobs and some of them will be right for you. So at this point, we review and select the up-to-date job hunt methods that are most appropriate to your chosen role and sector, and which suit your personality and style. Apart from the usual methods we also explore the less obvious, more creative ways of finding the right position for you. This includes hunting for unadvertised vacancies and hidden opportunities. Overall, this phase helps you think through and carry out a self-marketing strategy that’s effective, efficient – and ultimately successful.

I remember getting to the bottom of what my transferable skills were…it was good to have somebody in my corner, who drew conclusions from what I was saying…I took everything I had learnt from our CV and interview work and I was offered the job 2 hours later…the career coaching process was incredibly enlightening, a very important part of my life.– Fundraising Manager


Preparing for interviews

This practical step will help you become confident and able to give the selection process your best shot. We can cover how to handle telephone interviews, and also first, second or panel interviews. You might also want help with performing at an assessment day. If your interview contains a presentation, you could have coaching that deals with content, structure and delivery. At interviews and in every encounter you’ll want to know that you gave a good account of yourself and performed well. This input will help you achieve that, maximising your chance of landing the job.

The interview was a resounding success…so much of what you said, actually came about…you helped me to organise my thoughts and tell stories in a precise, punchy and engaging way, without appearing rehearsed…your help was probably the clinching factor in getting this job.– Airline Pilot


Negotiating job offers

This part is about turning a job offer into a good deal. We strengthen your hand by unpacking all the variables specific to your situation, for example: the salary, the benefits package, the responsibilities and resources of the role, and your availability. You’ll get to grips with the skills, strategies and tactics of negotiation that deliver win-win results. If you have several job offers, we can weigh up the pros and cons of each one and make sure that the one you go for is the best match for you. These tools and techniques help you to secure a job with the best possible terms.

You showed me how to negotiate the best possible package…you said beforehand that most people are not schooled in negotiation, and since I was, it really put me ahead…it was a win for all of us…I got the job and with 95% of the terms I wanted.– Head Graphic Designer


Starting your own business

If you decide that you want to start a new business, you can benefit from a tailored package of support.  This could include: a sounding board for your ideas, testing out your decisions, and help producing a business plan.  Selling and marketing are skills to be sharp on from the outset and we can cover these too in very specific, practical and effective ways.  With the right help, you can lay good foundations and build up a successful new business.


Seven career coaching services – choose one or a mix, start and stop as you wish – just pay for the support you need. Interested or curious? Then please get in touch.


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