Coaching Benefits

Benefits of taking careers advice

Most of us want to have a great job, a satisfying career, or perhaps run a successful business.

Whatever work they do – my clients are looking for;

  • a sense of achievement or purpose
  • work they find interesting
  • a job that uses their talents
  • recognition of their efforts
  • a way to earn a good living
  • the chance to make a difference

They want to feel motivated, to be productive and see the rewards.


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So why do some people use a specialist career coach?  Why don’t they just go it alone, get help from friends and family, or follow a career advice book?

Well, with a career coach alongside, it’s much easier and faster to find your true direction, produce the right strategy and tools, and compete with success in the marketplace.  With a coach, it’s motivating and it’s effective.

As your career coach, my job is to help you achieve the job and career success you hope for, ‘on purpose, rather than by chance’.

Advice and guidance is available on all aspects of your job search; exploring career direction, choosing a CV template, deciding on job search methods, handling interview questions, and more.



What clients say about career coaching


You reached the parts that other questions never reach, to the nub of things...a good blend of unstructured discussions and structured exercises...a mixture of formal and informal work, all very useful...I felt properly defined...the process not only enabled me to get the job, but also enabled me to do the job I’m in as well. – Business Analyst

The process gave me a massive increase in my confidence...I remember thinking ‘I can do this’ and ‘everything on my CV I know is true’ helped me discover a unique way of selling myself to employers...I feel like I’ve landed on my’s the perfect job.– Events Marketing Executive

You started drawing out patterns I had been blind to...I was amazed at what you pulled was about me opening up and you listening, intelligently taking out the relevant bits, distilling important facts, joining the dots...I love my new ticks every single box.– Project Manager

Finding out what her skills are has been a very, very important step for our daughter...she was able to narrow things down to a particular career in Fundraising Management...she has made her mark within her organisation...we are delighted that she has found herself...she’s in a job that’s suited to her...she now has a huge foundation of confidence to build on.– Parents of University Graduate

The interview was a resounding much of what you said, actually came helped me to organise my thoughts and tell stories in a precise, punchy and engaging way, without appearing rehearsed...your help was probably the clinching factor in getting this job.– Airline Pilot

My CV now is better flows, it’s easier to follow, and it’s more concise and more relevant...tailored to the reader and what they were looking for...I’m now with one of the top three UK telecoms companies...this is a very good place for me to be and there’s a definite career path.– Strategic Bid Manager

You asked me questions looking at the past and looking forward...the exercises were constructive and bite sized...the whole process gave me confidence to think ‘you know what, I can deal with this’...I now have two large projects, both spot on in terms of my believed in my future, that there was work out there for me, it was crucial.– TV Producer

Our son learnt a lot in the process and it boosted his confidence massively...having an outside person involved was absolutely critical...he is well respected by his new employer...he’s one of the youngest Off Road Vehicle Instructors there...we’re delighted for him...his hobby has turned into his job and he’s in a good place at the moment.– Parents of College Graduate

I remember getting to the bottom of what my transferable skills was good to have somebody in my corner, who drew conclusions from what I was saying...I took everything I had learnt from our CV and interview work and I was offered the job 2 hours later...the career coaching process was incredibly enlightening, a very important part of my life.– Fundraising Manager

I had to do a five-minute presentation and you helped me outline what I should and shouldn’t say...I was up against some really good people...I stood out and it got me through the first stage...I went through the whole interview process, and then they offered me a part-time job, which was exactly what I wanted!– Prison Development Advisor

You showed me how to negotiate the best possible said beforehand that most people are not schooled in negotiation, and since I was, it really put me was a win for all of us...I got the job and with 95% of the terms I wanted.– Head Graphic Designer

The coaching pulled everything together for built up her confidence...working on her CV helped enormously too... our daughter has progressed massively...she is now the Marketing and Partnership’s unbelievable to think about where she is now, compared to where she was a couple of years ago...she has come on in leaps and bounds...she’s very happy.– Parents of College Graduate

A lot of people don’t think you can make a career out of your hobby...but you said ‘yes you can, let’s test it out and work towards it’...I’m now an Off Road 4x4 Instructor and Demonstrator...the work is stimulating, it’s 100% what I enjoy, it’s my passion.– Off Road Vehicle Instructor


If you want to find that better job or career – more quickly, easily and confidently, then please get in contact.


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