Coaching Process

Tailored career coaching process

How it works – in outline

The process will depend on the coaching servies you’ve chosen – but in simple terms, the coaching often follows this tried-and-tested pattern:

  • We agree on a task or exercise, which you do in your own time and at your own pace.
  • When you’ve completed it, we have a coaching session face-to-face, by phone or Skype.
  • We repeat these steps if needed (with new tasks or exercises) to achieve your objectives.

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Advice and guidance is available on all aspects of your job search; exploring career direction, choosing a CV template, deciding on job search methods, handling interview questions, and more.



Your part while taking careers advice

The tasks or exercises that you do, are carefully selected from my experience as career coach and from a range of career management resources. Depending on the service(s) chosen, you might be asked to reflect on something, answer questions, make notes, do some research or talk to others. Every activity is completely relevant to you and the what, how and why are clearly explained. Some tasks or exercises may be stretching, but they are also revealing, rewarding and very useful to you. They produce the results you want. When appropriate, you send your work to me by email, so that I can prepare for our next coaching session.

To see how the tasks work in practice, please take a look at some of the client success stories or if you’d like to look at actual examples of the exercises, then please get in touch.

You reached the parts that other questions never reach, to the nub of things... a good blend of unstructured discussions and structured exercises…a mixture of formal and informal work, all very useful... I felt properly defined…the process not only enabled me to get the job, but also enabled me to do the job I’m in as well.– Business Analyst


My part as career coach

During our coaching sessions I will;

  • Listen carefully without judging, be an effective sounding board and seek to understand you both careerwise and beyond. This enables me to know where and how to help.
  • Ask perceptive, considered and thought provoking questions. These draw you out, uncover what’s there, and get to the heart of what you want to do or communicate.
  • Study your ideas and information with you. We’ll make important observations, draw conclusions, and spot the recurring themes, bringing definition to it all.
  • Point out your strengths, preferences and motivations that perhaps you can’t see for yourself. I’ll be looking for the gold in whatever we’re dealing with.
  • Bring insight, ideas and inspiration to your situation from a fresh and unbiased place. You’ll receive practical advice and guidance, specific to you, that moves you forward.
  • Help you to think positively, creatively and perhaps differently about yourself and your career, offering extra reassurance when you make important decisions.
  • Answer your questions and help you work through any connected issues you might raise. I’ll support you, so that you maintain confidence, hope and energy along the way.







You asked questions looking at the past and looking forward…the exercises were constructive and bite sized…the whole process gave me confidence to think ‘you know what, I can deal with this’…I now have two large projects, both spot on in terms of my skills…you believed in my future, that there was work out there for me, it was crucial.– TV Producer



Private and confidential.   Discretion in career coaching is fundamental. The privacy and confidentiality of your information is very important – please see our privacy policy. The testimonies on this website are published with prior permission and remain anonymous.


No fixed programme or contract.   You’re not asked to commit to a set programme, or sign anything. Instead, you receive a very tailored and flexible service, choosing the subject(s) you want.


How long does the coaching take?   The total time your coaching requires depends on the module(s) and the degree of help you want. For example, it could take just an hour or two to produce your new CV, or prepare you for an interview. It may take several sessions for you to change career.

We can work intensively over a few days to meet a deadline, or the coaching can be more spread out over several weeks or months. I work to your deadlines and timescale.

Coaching sessions can be scheduled on a regular basis or be more ad-hoc – I’m flexible.


When does the coaching take place?   Coaching normally takes place Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Special arrangements can be made for early morning or evening sessions.

If something comes up and you need some extra advice or support, then you can call me at anytime and I’ll help you straightaway if I’m available.


Where does the coaching take place?   I have an office and a client meeting room in Chester city centre. The meeting room is comfortable, spacious and private – here’s a picture. It’s an ideal place for individuals or small groups to talk, reflect on their situation and make progress. However, if there’s a need, I’m willing to meet you at some other nearby venue.

My clients live locally, in the region and all over the UK – and we work together successfully in a combination of ways; face-to-face, by phone, by Skype and by email.


This is a proven process – that’s tailored to you. Here are my contact details.


Call 01244 403422 for a chat today, or Email with your enquiry


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