Types of Client

client-montagePeople who seek careers advice

My clients are men and women of all ages and positions – graduates, professionals, managers and directors.

They do many different kinds of jobs, work in a wide range of industries and some have very varied careers. Some are just starting out. Each person’s situation is unique.

You can see all this for yourself, and more, by reading their success stories on the next page. But before you do, some examples of their initial situations are listed below.

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Typical career coaching issues

Employed but…

“I feel like I’m stuck in a rut, I’ve talked with friends and family, but I’m not getting anywhere.”

“I really need to leave this organisation and my boss!”

“I love my job, but this industry just isn’t right for me. What do I do?”

“The industry I’m in is great, but my job is getting me down. How do I move on?”


Career change…

“I’ve been in the wrong job for years, it’s time to change, but what to?”

“I’m excited about my options. I could change job, or re-train or even start a business. I need some help to choose.”

“I don’t know what I’m good at or what really interests me, it feels a bit hopeless.”

“There are hundreds of job titles in the A-Z of careers and there are thousands of jobs in between the A-Zs – help!”


Recently graduated…

“I’m a bit lost career-wise. I’ve got a decent degree, but I’m not sure what direction to go in now.”

“University was great, but it didn’t really prepare me for the real world. I’m worried I won’t get a job.”


Redundant, unemployed…

“My company just made me redundant, but I suppose it might be an opportunity in disguise.”

“I’ve not worked for a while, I’ve tried lots of approaches. Am I doing something wrong?”


Returning to work…

“I’ve had a break in my career, and now it’s back to work. I’ve read a book on it, but it’s still a bit daunting.”

Career progression…

“I’m at a crossroads in my company. I need to decide; do I stay put, become a specialist, or move into senior management?”

“I’ve got several good job offers, and I want to choose one and then negotiate a decent package.”

“I enjoy my job and I’m good at it. Now I want to make some real progress. What’s the best way?”


Job hunting…

“I’m frustrated that my CV isn’t working, I’m just not getting any interviews.”

“My CV gets me interviews, but I don’t get any real job offers. What’s going on?”

“I have to give a presentation at the interview and I want to do well.”

“I’ve been asked to attend an assessment centre. How do I prepare effectively?”

“I think I need to market myself a lot better, perhaps more widely and more creatively.”


Running a business…

“I’m closing the business and I want to do something else that I enjoy and that pays well.”


On contract…

“My contract’s coming to an end and I’m not sure if I want another one or a steady job instead.”


Concerned family and friends…

“I’m worried about my partner, he’s struggling and unhappy with his career. Can you help him?”

“We feel that both our son and daughter could do with a professional guiding hand.”

“My friend has been looking for a job, but she’s losing her confidence. I think she needs some guidance.”


If you can identify with any of these situations, please get in touch – there’s almost always a way forward.


Call 01244 403422 for a chat today, or Email info@careyadams.co.uk with your enquiry


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