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Price for careers advice and coaching

Join others who have found:

  • Clarity on career direction
  • Breakthrough in career change
  • Motivation and a method for job-hunting
  • Inspiration in writing CVs & applications
  • Confidence and success at job interviews

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The price

What you spend on coaching depends on the amount of advice and guidance you need and want. For example; does your CV or application just need a few improvements – do you want some help with career direction – do your interview skills need a good polish – or are you considering a complete change of career perhaps? We need to discuss your particular situation first, and then I can give you a good idea of the price, based on my hourly rate of £90 for preparation and delivery. This price includes:

  • Advice and guidance from a specialist career coach – with 14 years experience and a solid track record
  • All of the career development tools we use – these are unique and thoroughly tested
  • One to one coaching – that is caring, practical and motivating
  • Support by phone or email, on the tasks and exercises, in between scheduled sessions
  • Your choice of coaching method – i.e. face-to-face, by video/online, by phone
  • Your choice of coaching timescale – e.g. over a week, a month, a quarter etc.
  • The flexibility to stop the coaching any point if you need to – without difficulty
  • Payment in arrears, by instalment, with your satisfaction covered by a service guarantee – details below


Rather than just a cost – personal careers advice really needs to be seen as an investment – in yourself and your future working life, that will pay a worthwhile return. Clients find more satisfying work and better paid work – more quickly and more easily then taking a DIY approach. For some clients the coaching actually pays for itself many times over, in the form of an improved salary package.

Payment terms

Normally my clients pay in arrears, by instalment – and not in advance. After receiving an invoice, clients can take up to 7 days to pay.

My guarantee

I want you to be satisfied with my career coaching service and so I guarantee it. If you’re not satisfied with a coaching session, then I don’t expect you to pay. This means that your decision to go ahead with some coaching is actually risk-free. Naturally, this guarantee depends on clients fulfilling their part of the coaching process.



What now?

  • To discover your future career direction – where your interests, abilities and personality are a good fit
  • To have an up-to-date CV or application – that you feel proud of and gets your job interviews
  • To use successful job-hunt methods – relevant to today and your kind of work
  • To be well prepared for an interview – so that you’re confident and give it your best shot


Call 01244 403422 for a chat today, or Email with your enquiry


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