Outplacement Services

Flexible outplacement and transition services

Benefits of an outplacement service

Making redundancies often means losing people you’ve had a good working relationship with.  Offering them outplacement services is a way of providing them with the careers advice and guidance they need to make the transition back into employment.  They’ll benefit from having increased confidence, clearer direction, and the right job search strategies and tools.  They could go it alone, but with a career coach alongside, they’ll find the transition much easier and quicker. With a coach, it’s more motivating and more effective.

  • For management and HR departments, outplacement services help by reducing pressure and avoiding conflicts at a particularly difficult time in the organisation.
  • For the remaining staff and management, outplacement services can help them to feel encouraged and motivated by seeing the positive actions of their employer.
  • In the wider social and business community, an employers’ image and reputation can also be significantly enhanced by providing this kind of support during redundancy.

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A range of outplacement subjects

Participants can choose from these careers advice subjects, according to their needs and your budget.

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Knowing their strengths

During this module, we help individuals uncover what really satisfies them at work, and what they’ve got to offer today’s marketplace. Getting to know themselves in this way is a powerful springboard and is central to them finding their next job and one that’s right for them.

Finding career direction

Here, if they already know themselves well, we can make informed decisions about what is next. We explore, research and then narrow down their options to those which really excite them. The moment they decide on their direction, they’ll experience a new energy and focus. It’s a real turning point for many people.

Writing CVs and applications

People need good materials, if they’re to compete and market themselves well. We produce an effective CV that’s tailored to their next role, complete job application forms, and help with presentations. A CV that is strong and truthful, opens doors and gets interviews.

Using job-hunt strategies

These days, there are many different ways of hunting for jobs and some of them will be right for each individual. This module helps them think through and carry out a self-marketing strategy that’s effective, efficient and ultimately, successful.

Preparing for interviews

This practical unit will help people become confident and able to give the selection process their best shot. At interviews they’ll want to know that they gave a good account of themselves and performed well. This input will help them achieve that, maximising their chance of landing the job.

Negotiating job offers

This module is about turning a job offer into a good deal. We strengthen their hand by unpacking all the variables specific to their situation and then cover the skills, strategies and tactics of negotiation. These tools and techniques help them to secure a job with the best possible terms.


My client approach

My style is to work with you to your timescale, with a consultative step-by-step approach.  I pay close attention to your particular outplacement needs and the demands of your business or organisation.

If you would like to receive a detailed outplacement proposal, tailored to your organisation and situation, please get in touch.  From your brief I’ll produce a document that includes the objectives, content, method and costs.  You can then make an informed decision.

As an independent coach, trainer and facilitator – I have worked in more than 150 organisations, over a 20 year period. Here are some more details on my background.


Call 01244 403422 for a chat today, or Email info@careyadams.co.uk with your enquiry

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